My name is Gail Reiss.

I'm an artist, a photographer and a designer.

I create coffee table books.
The underlying theme is about relationships;
validating and honoring our family and our friends,
the most important people in our lives.
It's about what really matters.

Although I do different kinds of coffee table books,
I would like to share with you what I am most passionate about.
I believe that we should be telling the most important people in our lives
how we feel about them while they are still here,
and I believe that the perfect opportunity to do this is when we celebrate
milestone birthdays, anniversaries and other significant moments.

Think about it.
What could be a better gift than to know what we mean
to our family and friends, to hear how and in what ways we have touched them,
to know they have learned life lessons from us, and
even to hear some of the stories they remember.
Nothing is more meaningful than a gift from the heart.

This is my vision and my passion.
It would be my privilege to create something meaningful
for that special someone in your life.